Top 11 OP Heroes in Mobile Legends (Season 27)


The heroes we wrote below refer to the last update of Mobile Legends on the Original server. In addition, we also refer to the updates that will be effective immediately or that are currently in effect in the Advanced Server. So it can be said there are some heroes that we still predict.

In addition, we also refer to several games performed by the pro player in the top tier and above. We also refer to the following hero op season 27 and correspond to the Meta.

We have also shared some overpower heros in our previous article and It’s more like part 1.


Currently, Helcurt includes a very effective assassin for the push rank, especially when you are mabar. This hero has a very good ability to kidnap the hero’s core opponent team, especially marksman and Mage.

One of Helcurt’s most feared skills is its market skill that can be a silent enemy. Opponents affected by this effect will not be able to remove skills and basic attack for a few seconds. At that, we can harm them with his horrible skills.

Helcurt also has the ultimate skill that is very worth to the team. This Skill will blind the map and can we easily to come suddenly kidnap hero of the opposing team. This Skill is also very useful for Helcurt himself whether it is to blur or chase the opponent.



Hayabusa also includes assassins that are still very effective in season 27. It has very high burst damage in mid to late games. In addition, he is also very agile so that it will make the opposing team quite difficult to kidnap him.

Hayabusa also includes a very effective hero for split push because he has a quick clear minion ability. In addition, a combination of passive skills, skill 1, and an Ultimaton skill will give you very high burst damage.

If Hayabusa already has a higher level and gold than the target, he can easily kill him. One of the most popular is thinly-blooded heroes such as marksman and Mage.

Actually the author wants to enter Ling, but if we look at the updates that occur in the Advance Server, Ling is in-nerf all he ties. One of the most significant nerfs is that he can be attacked when in a wall. Then the critical damage was also reduced.

But let’s just look at whether this Ling still includes the OP hero that enters meta or not. We look forward to progressing.



Until now Esmeralda was still the top banned hero in the Epic tier to Legends, but in Mytic tiers it was often removed. This Hero is still top numbered OP in season 27 because it has a very annoying skill.

One of the strengths of Esmeralda is that it can steal an opponent’s shield. With this ability, Esmeralda became the most effective counter for heroes with a shield such as Harith, Akai, and of course Athena’s Shield items.

In addition, Esmeralda also has a very high HP regen. Because the shield that he stole will be converted into HP. With that ability, Esmeralda became a hero that is quite difficult to kill the opponents. Moreover, the damage that he gives is also quite high.



Moonton was quite successful in a buff against Chang’e. Because in the last few seasons he includes an often-pick hero. In addition, he can give high damage.

This Chang’e includes a fairly effective hero to fill the mid position. Because it has high damage and movement speed, as well as a very distant range attack. The ultimate Skill has a very high DPS and its range attack is very distant.

This Chang’e is included a marksman-flavoured mage hero. Because he can also give a fairly high basic attack. Unlike the other mage that depends heavily on the skill.



The popularity of Lunox was slightly rolled after the presence of Esmeralda, Harith, Lylia, and Chang’e. In fact, this hero is still quite effective in season 27 to paralyze tank heroes. Most of now already meta uses 2 tanks.

Lunox has an ability that can convert cooldown reduction to magic penetration. Thanks to this ability Lunox is very powerful to fight hero tanks that have very high defence.

The most dangerous ability of Lunox is his second skill, Chaos Assault. This Skill will make him attack heavy on opponents. This skill does not have a cooldown when activating its Ultimate skill.

Actually, the author wants to incorporate other mage heroes because nowadays many hero Mage is in the middle of OP and still match the metagame in season 27. Call it Lylia, Harith, and Pharsa. But the three heroes above that according to the most meta writers in this season.



The presence of red buff in the game with bottom Lane greatly benefited marksman heroes. It makes marksman heroes have high damage even though in early games. Buff will be more profitable when properly utilized by Granger.

This one Hero is often banned, even in Mytic tier though. Damage owned by this hero is indeed a really crazy team. Even the damage he gave in the early game was high, especially if take the red buff.

Granger has a very high critical damage thanks to its passive skills and both. While his first skill is great to poke enemies. This Skill also has a short cooldown, so we can spam throughout the game. For finishing, we can use Ultimate skill.

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Kimmy is a very effective marksman used in season 27. This Hero does have Damage per Second which is very terrible to opponents. Even when Blur although this hero still can give damage.

His first Skill and the basic attack were indeed very dangerous. Although in early games, the damage from Kimmy is already quite high. So you can poke your opponent more effectively. In addition, Kimmy is very fast at pushing the tower.



If Kimmy and Granger are in-banned spots, you can pick Bruno. Because this hero also has critical damage that is also very deadly when you apply this item build. In addition, Bruno also includes a pretty agile marksman and very suitable for team fights.

Thanks to its market skills, Bruno can give very deadly critical damage. Even with only one hit with a skill 1 just the blood of the opponent directly dying. You should focus more on critical damage items than attack speed. Because this hero has high critical damage to the opponents.

His ultimate Skill is also very useful for teamfight because the ball can bounce to other targets. It is very good to trigger the market to get a high critical chance. Meanwhile, to blur or positioning we can use a second skill. Oh yes, this skill can also stun you know if you hit.



If the opposing team has a lot of strong tanks, Karrie is the best choice. The hero is very powerful to subvert the tank hero that has a very high defence. Because Karrie can give True Damage that can not be penetrated by any item.

Karrie can give very high true damage to opponents. True damage he gives can be greater if we combine with other items such as Raptor Machete, Endless Battle, and Thunder Belt. Don’t forget also the existence of red buff that will also give true damage.

This Karrie also includes a hero who can give a CC effect. Although the CC that he gave was just slow, this will make the opponent difficult to blur or attack. Moreover, Karrie includes a very fast hero for farming thanks to the skills he has.



Kaja is the only support that is still very effective used in season 27. This hero we think this hero should you get if Mabar. The Kaja existence when Teamfight is certainly very profitable.

The Kaja can kidnap one of the opponent’s heroes fairly easily. Thanks to its second skill combo and his ultimate skill, Kaja can attract the opponent’s core heroes efficiently. With that ability, we can draw the opponent’s core heroes, especially marksman and Mage.

Final words

That’s the list of OP heroes in Mobile Legends season 27. All the above heroes correspond to the game meta. We emphasize that the hero who does not enter the list above is not good. All those heroes are very good and overpower as long as you can maximize their potential well.

If you have any other additions to the other OP season 27 heroes, please share your opinion in the comments field.

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