Hanabi Best Item Build (2023 Edition)


Hanabi is a marksman that can give massive damage to more and more enemies in Mobile Legends. The characteristics of this hero are similar to Odette. That is damage is area and very suitable for teamfight.

This Hanabi has high mass burst damage, anti crowd control, high lifesteal, and super crowd control. The performance of this hero will be felt when the match is in the late game. The Damage he provides can be both Irithel and Moskov.

In this post, we will give you the best build item for Hanabi Mobile Legends along with the full tutorial. For that, let us see the explanation below.

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The Best Item Build for Hanabi

The current Build of Hanabi items focuses more on critical damage. This Build will make the damage given by Hanabi very high in the late game. The following recommendation builds for the Hanabi Mobile Legends.

Raptor Machete


The first item you should buy is a jungle. You can use Nimble Blade or Raptor Machete. If you are given farming freedom, you can use the Raptor Machete.

This one jungle Item works for farming faster. In addition, the damage will be given to Hanabi will be higher because it will give True Damage. Don’t forget also to grab the red buff Yes if you are given the same chance of your team.

Swift Boots

Swift Boots

For shoes, You can use Swift Boots. In addition to increasing the movement speed, this item will also increase the attack speed of the hero you are using.

Scarlet Phantom + Berserker’s Fury

Berserker Fury

This Item serves to increase attack speed and critical chance. Because the Scarlet Phantom gives a high Critical Chance. If combined with Berserker’s Fury, the given Critical Chance will be higher.

In addition, Berserker’s Fury will increase the critical damage you give. In late games, the effects of this item will really feel the gangs. Due to damage given Hanabi will be completely lethal.



Hanabi does not have an additional attack speed from his Skillman, therefore we need an additional attack speed other than the Scarlet Phantom. We can use Windtalker because this item will also give a high attack speed.

This Windtalker Item will also provide a critical chance, though not as far as Scarlet Phantom. The splash effect of the stock is also very useful in the teamfight when used in teamfight conditions.

Blade of Despair


This Item serves to increase the physical damage from Hanabi. Because this item provides a very high physical attack status. The Damage given will be higher if we attack the opponent whose blood is less than 50%. Therefore this item is suitable for use by Hanabi.

The Endless Battle

Endless battle

In the late game, you can replace the Raptor Machete with Endless Battle. In addition to enhancing the lifesteal effect, this item will also provide true damage. The more damage that you will give will be even higher despite the face of the tank hero.

You can also use Immortality if you want to play more defensive. With this item, you can live again after death and have a chance to blur or counter attack.

Recommended Emblems and Spell

The Emblem is perfect for Hanabi is a Custom Marksman and Assassin. If you want to get extra gold, you should use Custom Assassin with Bounty Hunter’s main talent. If you want to increase attack speed and critical damage, we recommend using Custom Marksman Emblem. The arrangement of the rope you can see in the image below.

The most suitable Spell for Hanabi is Flicker or Sprint. You need to know if Hanabi has no dash or blink skill to blur, so you need a Flicker spell. In addition, this spell can also be used to chase enemies like a pro player while you are playing.

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