Claude Best Item Build (2023 Edition)


Claude is a marksman with a very high attack speed in Mobile Legends. He has a colleague named Dexter who is a monkey. To this end, Dexter is also going to inflicting damage on opponents although not as little as Claude.

Claude is included in the best marksman Mobile Legends in season 15. Because he has high burst damage when the match enters the late game phase. In addition, the hero is also quite agile. So he was hard to be arrested by the opposing team.

In this post, We will share a bit about how to play Claude’s hero along with their build items. For that, let us see the explanation below.

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The Best Item build for Claude

The best item Build for Claude is to maximize attack speed more than critical. But if you want to use critical build items is also no problem. Most importantly the main item is finished. More you can develop critical items or attack speed.

The Build items that we will recommend further maximize the attack speed. This refers to the experience of playing and cheat result of the pro player. Here’s a build item Claude from us.

Raptor Machete


The first item you can use is the Raptor Machete. This Item will make the damage basic attack Claude increasingly higher as it will give True Damage. In addition, this item will also make Claude can farming faster.

Demon Shoes


For shoe items, you can use Demon Shoes. But this item is only useful in early up to mid-game only. Because in that phase, Claude would be extravagant because he had to spam skills 1 and 2. With this item, you don’t need to be afraid of running out of nowhere.

Well in the late game, replace this shoe item with Swift Boots or other inner items. But usually, marksman will use Swift Boots to boost his speed attack.

Demon Hunter Sword + Golden Staff


This black sword item is the main item for Claude. This Item will create the basic attack Claude can give very high damage. Even if you are dealing with thick heroes such as Hylos will also remain a big gang.

It delivers a high attack speed, this item also provides a lifesteal effect. So, Claude will be longer for teamfight and farming. It’s just that the lifesteal of the Demon Hunter Sword differs from the lifestyle of Endless Battle and Haas’s Claws.

Golden Staff is a matching partner for the Demon Hunter Sword. Besides going to increase attack speed, these items will also like to hack the basic attack Claude.

Wings Queen


This Item serves to increase the durability of Claude. Because besides going to give a high HP, this item will also give a high damage reduction and lifesteal when Claude’s blood is dying. With this item, the more dying will make the users increasingly dangerous.

Corrosion Scythe


The main function of this item serves to increase the attack speed Claude. In addition, its basic attack will also give you the possibility of a slow effect on the target. Thus the enemy will be difficult to blur if subjected to basic attack from Claude.



You can change Raptor Machete with Immortality if you want to play more defensive. If you want to play more offensively, you just use Blade of Despair or any other attack item.

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Recommended Emblems and Battle Spell

For the emblem, ane renominated Custom Assassin with the main talent Bounty Hunter. Because the talent will make Claude buy the item faster. But you can also use the Marksman emblem if you want to have high attack speed. Here is the composition of the emblematic.


While for the spell you can use Retribution or Execute. If you want to farm faster, you can use Retribution. But if you want to play more aggressively, use Execute. This Spell is perfectly suited in combination with the Bounty Hunter talent as it can steal the kill from your companion.

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