5 The Best Support Heroes in Mobile Legends (Season 27)

Support is a role hero in Mobile Legends that is very quiet of interest. Note This type of hero does not have very high damage such as assassin and Mage, so they can not carry his team. It does use hero support that relies heavily on teams like tanks.

In season 27, It is not the best meta for hero support. But actually the hero tanks such as Minotaur and Lolita also have role support. But they are not pure support, they better use it as a tank.

In addition to being rarely used, the hero with role support is very limited. So make the player does not have many options such as Mage and fighter. But this hero support is very important to teams if we use it well and of course, the teamwork is very compact.


Then who is the best hero we can use in this 27 season? Let’s look at the below.

Top 5 Support Heroes in Season 27

Hero support has abilities that can support his team well. The existence of support such as giving buff to his team.



This new hero is predicted to be one of the best hero support in season 27. This Hero has an extraordinary ability to benefit his team. His ability to team battles is very unusual in the teamwork.

Carmilla is a support hero with high mobility. This will make it quick to get roaming from one LAN to another lane. This skill will also make the opposing team difficult to pursue it.

Carmilla also includes a very troublesome hero because it has a crowd control that really ngeselin. He can give slow and stun with quite a long duration. With this ability, he will be really annoying when there are opponents nearby.

The terrible ability of Carmilla is the skill of the game. His skills can be about the three opponents, so very nice to use for teamfight. Opponents who have already gotten the link will be affected by the same Crowd Control.



Although not as popular as it used to be, Angela is still pretty nice to use in this season 27 gangs. He has a skill that helps his teammates. Like Carmilla, Angela also has a crowd control skill that is a pretty moment with her first skills and both.

The dangerous ability of Angela is the game’s skill. He could have possessed his teammates and would give him a shield, movement speed, and heal. If Angela gets into the right hero, the hero she is going to be getting deadly and very difficult to kill.



Another Hero that we think is quite dangerous and the moment is Nana. Although it includes a support hero whose distance is used in the upper tier, this hero is really troublesome when it is already used by a pro player. The Damage he gives is quite high for the size of the hero support.

The Skill of the two is really troublesome because it can transform the opponent’s hero into a fox monster and the duration is also long enough. When they turn into foxes, they cannot attack either by skill or basic attack.

Then, the less dangerous of Nana is that it has a very wide range of skills. In addition, this skill also gives high damage. This Skill is an area, so we can use for teamfight.



Diggie is the most powerful hero to fight against those heroes who have crowd control abilities. In addition, he can also be a quite effective hero to spy on the movement of opposing teams when dying.

His first Skill is very good to poke enemies, even can use open vision. This Skill also has fairly high damage. While the skills are both great for locking opponent movements. Those who are already tied to this skill will return again to its original position.

The ultimate Skill is very useful for teamfight. Because this skill will make the nearby teammates can be detached from the Crowd Control opponent effect. This capability is very useful when dealing with tank heroes who have the ability of CC areas such as Akai, Tigreal, and Minotaur.



Currently, Kaja is the only support hero that is used most often, either in the top tier or tournament. Heroes sometimes become banned hero. This Hero fits really good for you guys who like Mabar Bersasama your companion.

The most dangerous skill for this Kaja is its ultimate skill. This Skill can draw one of the enemy’s heroes quite easily. Usually, the target is the hero carry enemies like a marksman. By kidnap hero carry, of course, the chances of winning a teamfight will be pretty open wide.


That’s the best 5 support heroes in season 27 of Mobile Legends. We emphasize that the hero who does not enter the list above is not good. All those heroes are very good and overpower as long as you can maximize their potential well.

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