Carmilla Best Item Build (2023 Edition)

The Original Mobile Legends Server will return the arrival of heroes named Carmilla. She has role support that we think is quite an OP Hero. Because Carmilla in Mobile Legends has a very extraordinary teamfight capability.

Carmilla is a lover of Cecillion who until now have not gotten the news when will release on the original server. Carmilla does really love on Cecillion despite having a different world. See the full story of Carmilla you can read here.

Based on our experience, this Carmilla is a support that has high mobility. It is not separated from the skills that can give extra movement speed. In addition, she can also reverse the situation when teamfight with her Ultimate skill.


Curious what the hell is the power of this new hero Carmilla? For more details, you can check out our review below. But earlier we will give a recommendation of the build item that you can try. Check It Out!

The best item build for Carmilla

If we look at the role, Carmilla in Mobile Legends gives full support. She has no duplicate roles like Faramis and Nana who doubles as a mage as well. So Carmilla was made only for support.

Based on the author’s experience, Carmilla will also be more effective when used as a Support than a mage. Her role while being a teamfight is really very effective. That way, the build of the right item or gear we think focuses more on defence. We can also combine it with a mage item.

Wooden Mask

Wooden Mask

Don’t forget to buy roam items first at the beginning of the game. At a minimum, you buy a basic item that is Wooden Mask. This Item will really help your friend to farm in lane and jungle. That way your carry hero will be faster to earn gold and levels.

Warrior Boots


Carmilla has a very short range of attacks, so she will be more often close combat. That way the Warrior Boots items are precisely used by Carmilla. In addition to increasing the movement speed, this item will also increase the armour to 45 points. Very suitable when we are dealing with physical heroes.

If on the opponent’s team has many Crowd Control and magical heroes, we recommend not to use Warrior Boots but wear Tough Boots. This Item will give you the Magic Defense and can reduce the CC effect by 40%. Use these shoe items when battling CC heroes like Chou, Kaja, and Aurora.

Dominance Ice

Dominance Ice

Carmilla has a short attack distance such as hero fighter, so she will often do close combat. That way, she needs Dominance Ice items. It’s very useful for close combat heroes like Carmilla.

Many of the statuses given by Dominance Ice include physical Defense (armor). This Status is of course much needed by Carmilla to be more powerful when you are with physical heroes.

This Item will also provide an additional 10% cooldown reduction which is of course very useful for those heroes who often spam skills like Carmilla. With this item Carmilla will often put out a skill, so it will be very useful for teamfight.

Dominance Ice includes very effective items to resist marksman and fighter heroes. Because this item will reduce the critical chance and attack speed of the opponent when near them. So it doesn’t hurt to use this item when using Carmilla.

Athena’s Shield


This Item will give you a very high Magic Defense, so Carmilla will be quite strong when you are with the Mage hero. In addition, Athena’s Shield will also give you an extra high HP, so it will make Carmilla more durable.

The no less important of Athena’s Shield is the market, which will give Shield to its users. The Shield will be active every 30 seconds.

You can also replace this Athena’s Shield item with Oracle, it’s just that the magic defence you’ll get won’t be so big. But you guys will get a high HP regen and cooldown reduction. So using these items will make your spam skills more frequent.

Brute Force Breatplate

Brute Force Breatplate

This Item will make physical defence and HP Carmilla increasingly higher. But the most important of these items is the market because it can give you stack defence and movement speed. This Item will make Carmilla can have an additional 15% when using the skill or basic attack.

So Carmilla will have a high movement speed because of every skill time itself will increase the movement speed.

Wings of the Apocalypse Queen


By using these red Wing items, you will get an extra 10% Cooldown Reduction again. Additional HP will also increase by 1000.

But the most important of these items is damage reduction. Carmilla will be stronger when his blood is dying, but his/her regen will drastically increase.



The last Item is Immortality. This Item will make you immortal, ie can live again after death. That way you have a chance to escape or counter-attack.

If you want to play defensive or full support you should use the first line item build. If you want to play a little aggressive use the second line item build. In our second item build, we enter a Lightning Truncheon item that serves for the damaged area and the Ice Queen Wand for extra slow and magic lifestyle.

Emblem and Battle Spell Recommendations

For Emblem, we recommend using Common Magic with tier 1 Awaken for Mana Regen, tier 2 Flow for Magic Power, and the ultimate talent of Magic Power Surge. You can also use Custom Support with a tier I Mastery for Cooldown Reduction, a tier II Gift for Healing effects, and the main talent Put Your Self Together. You can see the emblem arrangement in the image below yes.


For Battle Spell anyway flexible teams, You can use Flicker if you want to play safe. Can also use Vengeance to bounce damage given by the enemy, or can also use Revitalize for HP regen.

Skill Analysis of Carmilla

Just like the hero in general, Carmilla Mobile Legends also has 4 skills consisting of 3 active skills and 1 passive skill. Here’s a description of skill and explanation.

Passive Skill: Vampire Pact

Carmilla will steal 10-20 Physical & Magic Defense (increasing the level) of opponents when giving damage (basic attack & skill) to opponents. Each opponent can only be stolen Physical & Magic Defense-it one time every 5 seconds. This effect can be stack up to 5 times and lasts for 5 seconds.

This Skill is powerful enough to fight the heroes of tanks and fighters who have high physical & magic Defense.

First Skill: Crimson Flower

The Movement Speed Carmilla will increase by 25% and will summon the surrounding Crimson Flower. This Crimson Flower will last for 5 seconds and will give you a Magic Damage of 120 (+ 50% Total Magic Power) to the surrounding opponent. Those affected by Crimson Flower will also be exposed to Slow by 30%.

The more opponents affected by Crimson Flower, the speed of the spin will also increase for 0.8 seconds. In addition, Carmilla will also restore the Hlid of 60 (+ 25% Total Magic Power).

If the target is the Minion, HP regen effect is only 30%.

  • Cooldown: 9/9/9/9/9/9
  • Where to use: 60/68/76/84/92/100
  • Basic Damage: 120/150/180/210/240/270
  • HP Regen: 60/75/90/105/120/135

Second Skill: Bloodbath

Carmilla will emulate Bloodbath Energy and will increase its movement speed by 60% (will be reduced dramatically in 3.5 seconds).

When we tap this skill once more, Carmilla will cast the Bloodbath Energy to the opponent we specified (not to the Minion) by giving a Magic Damage of 150 (+ 120% Total Magic Power) and causing the Stun effect to the opponent for 1.75 seconds.

The Damage and stun duration of this skill scale with the accumulated Bloodbath Energy, maximum 100%. The longer we press this skill, the bigger the duration of stun and damage is given.

  • Cooldown: 12.0/11.2/10.4/9.6/8.8/8.0
  • Where to use: 85/100/115/130/145/160
  • Basic Damage: 150/180/210/240/270/300

Ultimate Skill: Curse of Blood

Carmilla will throw the Curse of Blood in the direction we set and will spread from the opponent being charged to the closest opponent hero. This Curse of Blood will give you a Magic Damage of 275 (+ 160 Total Magic Power) and cause the Slow effect to them at 90% for 5 seconds (will be reduced drastically by hingga30% in 3 seconds.

This Cursed of Blood can be about 3 equal targets. When one main target has a Curse of Blood receiving Damage or the Crowd Control, the other targets will also receive damage and CC. Damage will be reduced to 70%, while the Crowd Control will be reduced to 50%.

  • Cooldown: 40/35/30
  • Where to use: 150/175/200
  • Basic Damage: 275/400/525

Carmilla Skins

There are some beautiful skins available for Carmilla and these are so expensive. So, we decided to give them for free in our ML Injector android app, download now from this official site. Also, skins can improve your skill ability and can change your character sounds and effects.

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