Top 6 Marksman Heroes in Mobile Legends (Season 27)

Marksman is the most desirable role by most of the players of Mobile Legends Bang Bang, whether it is for novice player or old player. Many players from tier Warrior to Mytic favourite marksman heroes, including the best marksman of season 27.

One of the characteristics owned by Hero Marksman is to have high attack speed and damage. Although at the beginning of the game is very weak, but at the end of the game they will incarnate into a dangerous killing machine. For that reason, there are many Mobile Legends players that favourite hero marksman, especially new players.

Well! In this article, we will discuss about the best hero marksman that will shine in Season 27 of Mobile Legends. If you want to push rank, use the heroes below to have a greater possibility of winning the game.


The best Marksman OP Heroes in Mobile Legends Season 27

Before going on to the main topic, we want a little discussion first about changes or updates on the jungle monsters recently. One of the changes in question is the Red monster buff.

The change in the jungle monster turned out to greatly affect the presence of the marksmen. Because if the hero marksman manages to kill the red monster buff will give very high damage, even in the early game though.



This is the best marksman of Season 27 in the universe of Dawn. She is a Wanwan, marksman OP that has just been released by Moonton. This oriental new Hero turns out very OP really because it has complete skill. She is agile, has high burst damage, and has anti CC. Wanwan’s popularity will be increasing after the previous patch she got a buff.

Due to its market skill, Tiger Pace, Wanwan became the most agile marksman of the other marksman. Because after doing the basic attack, she will slightly dash in the direction we specify. If we maximize it with high attack speed, this dash effect becomes unlimited skills.

These market skills will also make Wanwan become a tank killer like Karrie. Because she can also give true damage with the Max HP scale target If successful succeed regarding the weakness or weak point of the enemy.

Although it gives a short slow duration, the CC effect of its first skill, Swallow’s Patch is quite useful. But actually this skill serves to attack the weak point of the opponent’s target more easily, especially to attack the weak point on the back of the opponent.

Her second Skill, Needless in Flower made Wanwan a special marksman. Because this skill can make it irrespective of all CC effects. This Skill is similar to the Purify spell that makes it get the effects of debuff.

His Ultimates Skill, Crossbow of Tang is more hideous again. Although not every time can be used, this skill is very OP really. Because this skill can give very high burst damage and will attack another target if the main target is dead. This skill is really good for war.

This Wanwan Hero is indeed a very OP gang, but one of its disadvantages is quite difficult to use. You need high speed of hand to make this hero an OP. But according to Ane anyway balanced, because every OP hero must have a weakness, especially from the difficulty side.



If you asked me who is the marksman with the highest critical damage? We prefer Granger compared to Irithel and Lesley. Burst damage from Granger is really crazy. Enough Pake skill 1 alone enemies can immediately be dying. That’s why the Granger includes the best marksman of season 27.

The market Skill of Caprice is definitely the sixth bullet Granger will produce critical damage to the target. But consequently, he will only get 50% attack speed from both the item and the emblem. But that’s not a significant problem.

His first Skill, Rhapsody will make Granger can give high burst damage. This Skill will make the Granger use all his peluris. This skill is very deadly, even we can use when it is blurred though because the mechanics are similar like the 1 Harley skill.

For positioning, we can use 2 Rondo skills. After using this skill, the basic attack Granger will also increase by 10% for 5 seconds. Cooldown of this skill will be reduced if skill 1 succeeds in the opponent’s target. The combination of these two skills really turns off.

For the finishing, we can use the ultimate skill, Death Sonata. Because this skill has a wide reach, we can use 3 times and give 80% slow. That way after the first successful shot of the opponent, they will be hit slow. The next two shots should be able to kill them.

Just like Karrie, Granger is also good enough to play. For farming business also very fast. Damage Granger in early game has also been quite high, especially if take red buff monsters. Very good for you guys who want to climb rank.


Claude banner

The highest Hero attack speed fell to Claude. This Hero is really good to use for teamfight and of course, he is very agile. The Hero who always carries the monkey as his companion is very good for playing.

The Damage given by Claude will be very high thanks to the market’s skill, Battle Side by Side. Because of his colleague, Dexter will also give damage of 20% when Claude gives basic attack. This is the market that we can maximize with the items Demon Hunter Sword and Golden Staff.

His first Skill, Art of Thievery, will make Claude steal the movement and attack speed of the opponent in the fan-clasp area. If this skill is about the target, it will give you a stack, a maximum of up to 10 stacks that will last for 6 seconds. This ability makes Claude a very agile marksman.

Then his second skill, Battle Mirror Image, will also make Granger even more agile. Because he would create mirrors in a certain area and could change places with the mirror. The mirror will also provide damage, albeit small. This skill is great to be the enemy of the enemies because the mechanics are the same as the 2 Harley skills.



This is a real marksman and killer for tanks. He can be very easy to knock out the tank heroes easily thanks to his market skills, the Lightwheel Mark. With true high damage, Karrie can easily kill high defence tanks though.

The existence of Red Buff monsters adds to the benefits of Karrie. Because the monster buff will make the True Damage Karrie higher. The combination with Endless Battle items, Raptor Machete, Golden Staff, and Demon Hunter Sword will create tanks like crackers in the presence of Karrie.

Karrie also includes the best season 27 marksman that is agile thanks to his second skill, Phantom Step. In this skill, we can spam when using the ultimate skill and can give two marks at once on the opponent. So it will make it easier to give true damage.

Although it has a short firing distance, Karrie in very good to play. This hero is also very fast for farming. As a war, we can directly hit the tank if it is impossible to hit the carry hero on the back of the opponent. Very good for you guys who want to push rank. Moreover, now another meta Pake 2 tanks.



Kimmy is a marksman who has almost the same abilities as Irithel, who can shoot while walking. It is indeed burst damage and its very small, but the hero Marksman’s Mage has a very deadly Damage per Second.

Her market Skill, chemist’s Instinct, will make Kimmy able to shoot while firing. Even when blurring she can shoot the target that is chasing her without pause. No wonder she can instead kill the opponent even though his blood is dying.

Her first Skill, Energy Transformation will give a buff on Kimmy’s basic attack. Basic Attack will be transformed into a Chemical Ball, where each of these Chemical balls will give high enough damage. This Skill will make the damage from Kimmy very large.

Despite having a short dash distance, but her second skill, Chemical Reinement is enough to make us get away from the target opponent. So this skill is very suitable to be used to positioning Kimmy easily.

Don’t forget the ultimate skill, the Maximum Charge, which has a very long radius. This Skill also has high damage and can be used as finishing to shoot opponents who are trying to blur.



Bruno incarnated into a terrible marksman after an adjustment by Moonton a while ago. This Hero who has abilities like Neymar has very lethal burst damage generated from all four skills.

His market Skill, Mecha Legs, will make Bruno can give a critical chance Bruno is getting bigger, even reaching 20%. This effect can be triggered by means of spam skills to the target opponent. With this ability, Bruno can give very high critical damage.

His first Skill, Volley Shot, underwent a significant change from the previous one. Because this skill will now directly regarding the target without having to be directed. This skill will give the opponent a slow effect and can reduce the cooldown of skill 2 for 1 second if successful regarding the opponent’s target.

His second Skill, Flying Tackle, will make Bruno a nimble marksman. Because this skill can be spam if combined with skill 1. Another advantage of this skill is that it can give you the effect of Stun if this skill is about the target opponent. Of course, it is very useful because this effect will make the target can not do anything.

His ultimate skill, Wave of the World Animation has an effect like Irithel’s first skill, which can reduce his target physical defence opponent by 3 points. It’s just that the skill ultimate Bruno is very good to use for teamfight because his ball will bounce between the opponent heroes up to 10 times. In addition, it will also give a slight knockback effect.

With such a skill set, Bruno is marksman can give very high burst damage. Another advantage is that he is very agile thanks to the combination of skill 1 and 2. And what is not less important is a very suitable ultimate skill for teamfight.

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