Top 6 Mage Heroes in Mobile Legends (Season 27)

Mage is a dominating hero in Mobile Legends games. If you notice, the number of Mage heroes is more, even exceeding the number of hero fighters. While the assassin is a little role hero.

Indeed, this mage includes the hero that must exist in each match. Its role in the game is very vital, especially for dominating games in early to mid-game. This is not the case because the mage has very high damage in that phase.


The presence of the mage is crucial to slow the development of enemy heroes in early to the game. Good use of the mage, of course, should be able to play aggressively in the early to mid-game because the damage owned by this hero is very high. The Damage is perfect for hitting the marksman heroes or any other hero who can dominate in the late game.

Well! In this article, We will talk about the best hero Mage that will be predicted to shine in Season 27 of Mobile Legends. The eight heroes are powerful if you use them to push rank. Let us see the same discussion below.

The best Mage Heroes in Mobile Legends Season 27

Most of the best mage heroes predicted to dominate in season 27 have very good agility. The heroes in question have high mobility, so it can laning quickly, difficult to be collapsed, and can be easy to chase or blur.



The first Hero mage you can use to push rank in season 27 is Gord. This one Hero according to moment really. Even tank heroes are overwhelmed when dealing with this hero. The effects of slow and stun are quite annoying.

Gord can be a tank killer thanks to its market skills, Mystic Favor. Because after the fourth hit, both with basic attack and skill, then the next attack will give True Damage. True Damage will be higher if the Magic Power owned by Gord is also high. The ability in it is very useful to paralyze thick tank heroes.

His second Skill Mystic Projectile will give a long stun effect that is 1 second. This Skill also has far enough range because the ball can bounce. In addition, this skill also gives fairly high damage.

Opponents who have been hit by skills stun with skill 1 usually Gord user will use his second skill, Mystic Injunction to deliver the DPS attack. With this skill, True Damage from passive Gord will come out.



The Hero who used to be a banned character apparently began to rise again in this season 27. This happened after her first skill was buff by Moonton. With the buff, now the Kagura distance with the umbrella is more.

Kagura includes a pretty good durability hero. For he will get a shield when her umbrella meet (passive skill). The market will also give you the effect of Stun and Slow to the opponents nearby. This Skill makes Kagura strong enough for farming in early games.

The most important skill of Kagura is her first Skill, Seimei Umbrella Open. She will issue an umbrella in the direction we set and the range is now further away. This skill is very effective to poke enemy hero who will then be followed by combo skills.

Then the second skill makes Kagura a very agile hero. She can do the dash while holding his umbrella and can teleport to the place where her umbrella is. This Skill is great for shooting enemy heroes. Even if we use it appropriately, this skill will make Kagura immune to CC.

While his ultimate skill, Yin Yang Overturn is very good to use for teamfight. Because this skill will create links or ropes to opponents who are near the umbrella. The enemy that has the link will be subjected to a slow effect and if it can not loose will be attracted towards the umbrella.

This Kagura combo is very powerful to suppress the Marksman heroes in early games so they don’t thrive. Because this combo of Kagura will produce high damage and an annoying CC effect.



Moonton did a massive buff against the hero Pharsa at the end of Season 15. Nowadays, Pharsa becomes an Overpower mage hero. She transforms into a scary hero because she has complete skills. Even now she has 4 skills with 3 skills are active skill.

Her first Skill, Curse of Crow will give very high damage to the opponents around him. This skill can also trigger other skills because it will give Mark. If her attack on the opponent who has the mark of skill 1 then they will be affected by Stun.

While her third skill, Feathered Air Strike was effectively used for teamfight. Although not as good as it used to be, but skill is still quite effective for war.

Then her fourth skill, Wings is also very good for Pharsa because he can enter or exit teamfight with ease. She will fly and can get through the barrier.



The Buff made against Chang’e made himself a mage OP and a rebutant of Mobile Legends’ player. Now she is transformed into a very deadly mage of the heroes. The reason is that she has high damage and long firing distances.

Her Ultimates Skill, Meteor Shower is very annoying to the opponents. Because now this skill has a high radius and the given Damage per Second is very high. This skill is even more momentous than the skill Ultimate of gord.

Then the least important of this Chang’e is his second skill, Crescent Moon. This Skill will make herself have good durability because she will get Shield. Not only for opponents, this skill will also give a buff to the skill 1 and 3.

Her first Skill, Starmoon Shockwave, was also very effective to poke enemies. The Damage she gives will be higher if you used to use Skill 2 first. In addition, this skill will also give you a slow effect that will make your opponent difficult to blur.



Lunox has a similar capability as Karrie in Hero Marksman, which can paralyze tank hero easily. Even Lunox has many advantages compared to Karrie because it has a great lifesteal and has anti CC.

Lunox can be a tank killer thanks to its market skill, Dreamland Twist. Because this skill will convert cooldown reduction to magic penetration. So the cooldown obtained by Lunox from equipment or emblem will be changed to magic penetration. With this ability, without magic penetration items also Lunox is quite easy to knock out hero tanks.

Then her second skill, Chaos Assault will make it easier for Lunox to kill thick heroes. Because this skill will provide additional damage equivalent to Max HP target. This skill will be even more terrible if we activate with ultimate skill because this skill has no cooldown. We will attack like a marksman.

Lunox also has a very good defence thanks to her ultimate skill in yellow mode. Because she would immune to all the CC and damage effects for a few seconds. In addition, Cooldown Reductionnya will also be converted into magic res, so that she will have a pretty strong defence.

Although it has been a new release of Hero Mage who has terrible skills, Lunox is still very good for used teammates. She got high damage, anti tanker, got pretty good durability, and of course, it’s pretty easy to use.


Although it was Nerf before entering season 27, Harith still remains a pretty good hero. One reason he is very agile, though will not be Selincah before the dinerf.

Thanks to her second skill Chrono Dash, Harith can do Dash many times. After using this skill, the next basic attack will also give very high damage. It can even generate critical damage to the opponents.

If you use the ultimate skill, the Force age, Harith can spam skill 2 many times. She will be nimble and hard to be collapsed. In addition, she will damage the deadly like a marksman hero. You also won’t easily kill her because she has a shield that will get after using skill 2.

Thanks to the Shield’s skill and its market skills, Key Insight, Harith has a strong enough defence for a Mage hero. She has a resilence ability that can reduce the duration of the CC effect of the opponent. This ability will make him can quickly get out of the CC enemy.

Harith, in terms of difficulty, is quite difficult to use. You need high speed of hand so it can be very agile, especially when using both skills.

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