Top 5 The Best Fighter Heroes in Mobile Legends (Season 27)

In these seasons, fighters are a role that must be present in each match. This one Hero should now exist in each match to be at the front row along with the tanker when Teamfight.


Nowadays, fighters are often placed on top lane. That way, the current dominating role is as an offlaner who must play objective to destroy the opposing turret.

One of the characteristics possessed by the hero fighter is that it has a fairly high defence and attack. By having high defence, they can be strong to keep the lane alone without being assisted by his teammates.

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The Best Fighter Heroes List in Season 27

The best Hero fighter in season 27 is to have a strong enough defence so that they can survive in the lane, even when fight by enemies. In addition, they also have to have a high attack so they can quickly destroy the opponent turret.


roger banner

Roger is a very high-damage fighter in the late game. It is indeed natural because he doubles as a role marksman. The Hero that can be transformed into this wolf will completely turn off when it enters the end of the game.

Basic attacks in human mode can give a slow effect, so it is suitable for us to use to inhibit the movement of opponents who want to blur. While in wolf Mode, the basic attack will provide additional damage. With this Pasifnnya, Roger is really a very effective reaper.

Then the first skill in the human mode, Open Fire, will give a slow effect also 80% if the shoot about the target. Not only that, but this skill will also reduce the physical defence of opponents by 10 points. With this ability, Roger is very effective at fighting hero fighters or tanks.

The first skill in wolf mode, Lycan Pounce, is a very effective skill to perform blink towards the opponent’s target. In addition to its wide blink range, Roger will also be immune to all damage or CC. With this ability, Roger is very powerful to fight off heroes who have a lot of CC.

While its second skill in modern human, Hunter’s Steps, is good enough to pursue or escape. Because Roger’s movement speed will increase by 50% for 2.5 seconds. While in the Wolf mode, Bloodthirsty Howl, its Attack Speed will increase by 15% for 5 seconds. This Skill will make the Roger DPS very deadly.

Roger also has a high defence thanks to his market skills, Wolf Transformation. Because he will get an additional physical and magic defence of 40 points, so he will be very powerful even if it is to battle jatos with other fighters.

While when he changed to human mode, Restore Human Form, Roger will get a Shield that can absorb damage and the shield will last for 1.5 seconds.

Roger is quite a complete fighter and he has immune skills, high damage, tank killer, CC effects, and of course his mobility is high. It’s just that this hero is less so strong in early games. So that his role as Offlaner is less effective in this phase.



Although not as popular first, but this equestrian prince still includes the best fighter in this season 15. One reason is that he has a high attack and defence. In addition, he has a very good clear minion ability.

This leomord is great for finishing on the opponent’s hero, especially whose blood is less than 30%. Because of The market skill, The Oath Keeper will make it can give you Critical Damage. With this skill, Leomord will have high damage when fighting against the opposing hero whose blood is dying.

His first Skill, Momentum, is very good to use for the wave minion on the lane. In addition, he will also get a shield that can absorb damage. While his second skill, Decimation Assault makes Leomord a pretty good escape ability. This Skill will also make Leomord roaming effective.

The most dangerous of these Leomord is his ultimates skill, Phantom Steed. This skill will make skill 1 and 2 change. When using this skill, Leomord will also gain additional movement speed, physical and magic defence, as well as its basic attack area.

Although it is not as good as Thamuz and X. Borg, you can still use this hero of the equestrian prince for the push rank. Because this hero is very easy to use and very suitable for use as Offlaner.


Thamuz banner

Thamuz is a fighter who has high attack and defence. In addition, he also has a high and agile HP regen, so he will be hard to die though keeping lane alone.

The market, Grand Lord Lava, will make the damage from Thamuz very high and area, so it is very suitable for us to use for teamfight. In addition, basic attack-yes will also increase by 100% when taking the pain.

His first Skill, Molten Scythe, is very suitable for the opponent because of his attack range considerably. This Skill will give a slow effect and can give DPS. This Skill is also very suitable for clear minions. In Teamfight, this skill is also quite annoying because it can draw a little opponent.

While his second skill, Chasm Trample, made Thamuz very agile. Because he will jump and can be used twice when he takes a sickle from his first skill. This skill is very good to use for initiation of attack because it will also give slow effect and continued with other skills.

Thamuz will have high HP and DPS Regen when using his ultimate skill, Cauterant Inferno. He will give DPS to an opponent around him for 9 seconds. Attack speed and Basicnya attack will increase, and he will get the HP regen by 3%.

This Thamuz is a very strong hero if we use it as Offlaner. He has a high durability thanks to his birthday skill, can clear the Minion effectively, and quite agile. So no harm to the team to use this hero when the push rank.

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Lately many players are using Badang as Offlaner. After trying, it turns out this hero is pretty good used as a offlaner. He has a high defense, annoying crowd control, and a high burst damage.

Basic attack Badang can give knock back on the opponent thanks to his market skills, Chivalry Fist. If the opponent is near the wall, the opponent affected by the knock back will also be hit by Stun.

While his first skill, Qigong Fist is great for attacking opponents or minions from a considerable distance. In addition, this skill will also give a slow effect.

The second Skill, Fist Break can be used to escape or chase the opponent. If this skill is about the opponent’s target, it will create a wall that can be confined to the enemy. Opponents who are already confined can we execute by using the ultimate skill, Fist Crack to give a high burst damage.

This Badang is a fighter that relies heavily on combo skills. But the most crucial skill is the second Skil. If this skill is about the target, we can continue the combo with skill 1 and 2.



Aldous is among the most super heroes in the early game, but very deadly in late games. He will be transformed into a scary hero at the end of the game. We need patience and high teamwork when using this One Punch Man hero.

His first Skill, Contract: Soul Steal, that makes us need to be patient. Because the damage from this skill will be very high if we get a lot of last hit stack. The Damage from this skill will really feel a minimum of already 100 stack. Marksman can immediately die if it already has 200 more stacks.

Aldous also has a good defence thanks to his second skill, Contract: Explosion. This Skill will make it immune to the opponent’s basic attack for 5 seconds and 50% damage reduction. With that ability, he became a very effective hero to silence hero marksman in late gaming. In addition, this skill will also give a stun effect to its opponent.

In addition to the second skill, the market, Contract: Transform will also make Aldous have high durability. Because he will get the shield after doing 3 basic attacks. This Shield will be higher if the damage he provides is also high.

While his birthday skill, Contract: Chase Fate is great for the open map because this skill area includes a full map. We can also lock one of the opponent’s heroes and close them (usually marksman). This Skill is very good targeted at the opponent alone.

Aldous This is great for us to make as a fighter. Although very weak in early gaming, the performance will be sped high when the game is already late games. But it depends on you too in doing last hit on the minion. Because if you don’t do the last hit, you’ll belong to get a lot of the stack.

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