Top 7 Overpower Meta Heroes in Mobile Legends (Season 27)


There are lots of Overpower (OP) Heroes in this Season 27. This, of course, will make the game META also slightly changed. Nerf and Buff made by Moonton certainly changed the existing meta.

Meta updates made by Moonton against Monster jungle of course very revamp the game. The existence of red-buff monsters that exist near the bottom lane is very beneficial to the marksman hero-hero that is usually on the lane.

Before season 27, perhaps the marksman heroes will look like a Cupa in the early to mid-game. But it’s a little different in this 27 season. The presence of red buff is very beneficial to them. Because they can also give high damage even though in early games.

Well in this article, ML Injector team will discuss about the OP heroes that have meta in season 27 of Mobile Legends. Let’s see the explanation below.



Khufra is the best tank of season 27 of Mobile Legends. Somehow Moonton will do Nerf on this one hero. Khufra includes the most effective initiator tank. Because he has a very distant dash distance, so it can be directly about the Hero core team opponent.

Khufra is a very powerful tank for fighting agile heroes like Wanwan, Gusion, and Ling. Because he has a second skill, Bouncing Ball can stop their movements. They could not get past Bouncing Ball Khufra, precisely which they would be hit by a knockback.

Bounce Ball’s Skill will also make Khufra very durable because it will have a high damage reduction. In addition, he also has an HP regen that is quite high from the market skill. With this skill Khufra does not need to return to the base if only for HP Regen.

Khufra has an excellent initiation ability thanks to his first skill. This Skill has a far distance dash so that if it is teamfight we can directly about the hero core opponent. So they will not be able to attack freely.

With all his abilities, Khufra became a banned hero in recent seasons. Even our predictions in this season 27 Khufra will still be a top banned character, both in the upper and middle tier.



Grock still remains the most effective tank used in these few seasons. Because he includes a very good hero used in early games to accompany Midlaner.

One of the reasons why Grock is still a meta tank in this season is that it has very high damage, especially in early games. So he can quickly help midlaner farming in the jungle or clear minion.

With great damage, Grock becomes the most effective tank for the tumultuous in the early to mid-game. The Damage he gives is very high, so it can repelling the opponent’s core heroes such as marksman and Mage.

The other advantages that Grock has are to have high durability thanks to its market skills. Because he has HP Regen, Physical & Magic Defense is high when it is near the wall. He will also have a high movement speed and can be immune to the Crowd Control if using skill 1 near the wall or turret.



Hylos also includes the most OP tanks in this season 27. Just like Grock, Hylos also has high damage in early games. Even Hylos can give Damage per Second and the opponent will not be able to blur when nearby.

The first Skill and both have high damage in the early game. Not only is the high damage, these two skills also have a very effective crowd control to fight against the opponent’s hero who is about to escape. His first skill could be Stun and his skills could be both Slow, so that the opponent nearby could not escape easily.

This Hylos includes a very nice tank cover the teammates thanks to both of these skills. He can stick to strict hero core team easily. Because the enemy that seeks to approach him will be hit by slow and stun. So they would think twice to approach the core of our team guarded by Hylos.



Since it was first released on the original server, X. Borg became a frequently-banned fighter. Yes, indeed this hero is very dangerous. This Hero is very troubling when it is used by the opposing team, especially if the player Dipake Pro.

X. Borg has a fairly moment DPS thanks to his first skill. In addition, the reach of this skill is also quite distant and has a relatively short cooldown. So this skill will make X. Borg can poke opponents from a fairly safe distance. This Skill will also make it can get Firaga Armor quickly.

X. Borg also has a very high durability thanks to its market skills, Firaga Armor. He has one bar HP that is divided into two parts, namely the ordinary HP and Firaga Armor. With his first skill, X. Borg will be easier to get Firaga Armor. That way he will be hard dead teams.

No less dangerous skill is the ultimate skill. This Skill has high burst damage and the area is very wide. So this skill is really terrible for teamfight and finishing. It’s not impossible that X. Borg can get a savage when using this skill with the right timing.



Actually this Chou is a flexible hero, we can use it as a fighter, tank, or assassin though. But most players will make Chou as a hero fighter, or a semi tank.

This Chou includes a very agile fighter thanks to the 1 and 2 skill combos. Both of these skills make the Chou very difficult to keep and chase the opponent easily. This second Skill will also make it durable because it has an immune and shield effect.

The most dangerous skill of Chou is its ultimate skill. This Skill is perfect for stopping the movement of agile heroes like Gusion and Fanny. This Skill is very effective for mixing opponent core heroes like a marksman. This Skill is able to subvert them if using fighter or assassin items.

But unfortunately, this hero is quite difficult to use. According to the author’s experience, we will have difficulty in approaching the target.



Terizla is the most effective hero to become an offlaner. The reason is that he has a very high durability. In addition, he also has crowd control and high damage. So that his role as an offlaner is very reliable.

Thanks to its positive skills, Terizla has a very strong defence. Because every lost HP will be converted to damage reduction. With this ability, he is strong enough to keep lane alone, although it is often the target of opposing teams.

Terizla also has excellent poke skills thanks to his farmer skills. This Skill can be used three times where the third attack can give very high damage.

Then the no less important is his ultimate skills. This Skill has a crowd control which is very good because it can attract many enemies, so it is suitable for teamfight. This Skill is very suitable for the company with other heroes that have damage area.

In fact, other fighters such as Badang, Thamuz, Masha and Dyrroth are still good enough to be used in this season. But the three hero fighters above have a suitable ability for his role as Offlaner.



Gusion is a very dangerous assassin thanks to its high agility and damage. His role as Midlaner is very effective as she is very fast to roaming and can kill opponents easily.

This gusion includes a very effective hero to suppress the development of the opponent’s core hero because he already has high burst damage in early games. In addition, he is very agile so it is very difficult to be collapsed.

This gusion would be even more terrible when along with Grock in Mid Lane. The combos of these two heroes are very powerful to ruin in the early to mid-game. So you should have to play aggressively when playing this gusion hero, and always eyeing hero core opponent either marksman or mage.

One drawback of Gusion is the late game. The hero is less empowered in this phase because the opponent’s core heroes are already finished, especially the marksman. Therefore, we have to suppress their progress in early to mid-game.

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