Blade Armor – The Best Item for Johnson


An Item or gear is an aspect we should know as a Mobile Legends player. By knowing the function of each of the items, chances are we are to win the game bigger.

One of the items found in Mobile Legends is Blade Armor. This is a defence item which is, of course, the user of the tank is no stranger to it. Blade Armor is an item that has the highest Physical Defense in Mobile Legends game.

Physical Defense or Armor is very functional to withstand the physical damage that the enemy provides to the hero that we use. Damage received can be derived from skill or basic attack.

Well on this article, we will discuss more fully again about the item defence. Let’s just take a look at the Blade Armor function which is a defence item in Mobile Legends.

Why you should buy Blade Armor for Johnson


Basic Status

Blade Armor only gives one basic status, which is giving +90 Physical Defense only. This item does not provide any other status such as HP, Regen HP or Cooldown Reduction such as items in general. This Item is devoted to the player who needs very high armor.

Because it gives only one basic status, hence the Blade Armor item is cheap compared to other items. So this item is suitable for use in the early game.

Passive unique: Vengeance

The Blade Armor Item has a unique passive called Vengeance. This passive will make the user will give 25% physical damage to opponents who attack us with a basic attack. The Damage provided will be automatic without attacking it.

For example, our opponent received a 100 Physical Damage from an opponent who attacked us with a basic attack. Then they will get 25 Physical Damage from us. So 25% physical damage that they will be reflected again.

That way, this Blade Armor includes highly effective items to fight physical damage-type heroes, especially for those who rely heavily on the basic attack. With so Blade Armor being the best item for the counter hero-hero fighter, marksman, and assassin who rely on the basic attack.

Suitable for anyone?

This item is needed by tank heroes. This Item must be used if the enemy team has many physical hero types. One of the heroes that fit perfectly with this Blade Armor item is Johnson.

Johnson had a passive skill that would give Shield when his blood was dying. The amount of shield is given according to the amount of armor he has. The bigger the armor has, the shield that he will get will also be great.

The Blade Armor itself will provide very high Armor. Automatically The shield that Johnson will get will also be huge. So this Blade Armor includes a core item for Johnson.

The other tank Hero that perfectly matches the Blade Armor’s item is Belerick. Because Belerick will reverse the damage given the opponent. Using the Blade Armor, the damage that he will reflect will also be higher.

The Blade Armor can be stored in a second or third slot. This Blade Armor includes very cheap items, so you can buy them in early games. If you are in a lot of physical heroes, save this item in the second slot after the shoe.

We need to emphasize that Blade Armor does not provide any other basic status in addition to its high physical defence. So you have to combine with other items that can give the status of other pending such as HP and Magic Defense.


That’s the review of this time about Blade Armor function. If you have additional information or other tips about this item please give your opinion in the Comments field. Hopefully, this article is very helpful.

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