Kimmy Best Item Build (2023 Edition)


Kimmy is a very unique marksman and one of the top heros in Mobile Legends. Because she has two analogues, analog left to move and analog left to steer the shot freely. In addition, she also has a fairly high Burst DPS like Claude.

Kimmy includes a marksman that OP because of its very high burst damage of DPS. We can continue to shoot opponents continuously because they are quick and fast-paced.

Well! In this article, will first discuss the item build of the latest Hero Kimmy in Mobile Legends.

The best Item Build for Kimmy

The Build of items that are very suitable for Kimmy is Hybrid, namely combining magic and attack items. With the composition of such items, we will make a hero tank of the humbling and also maximize the skill of Kimmy itself.

Raptor Machete


The first item you can use is the Raptor Machete. This Item will make damage from Kimmy very high though in early gaming. Because this item will provide a very high added true damage. It would be better if you take red buff monsters to get additional true damage and slow.

Arcane Boots


For shoes, we recommend Arcane Boots. In addition to improving movement speed, this item also serves to provide Magic Penetration. It is suitable for fighting hero fighters or tanks that have a high magic defence.

Blade of Despair


Kimmy has a damage modifier based on the amount of Physical Attack she has. By having a high physical attack, the magic damage that she will give is also high. The Item that gives a high physical attack is the Blade of Despair. In addition, this item will make the basic attack Kimmy very high.

Glowing Wand


The function of this item serves to give the burn effect on the target. It is suitable if it is adjusted to Kimmy’s ability that can give heavy attack. Moreover, this item will also give extra movement speed and HP. So we will be longer to survive.

Ice Queen Wand


The main function of this item is none other than to provide a slow effect. Because this item can give a slow effect of up to 30%, so the opponent will be difficult to blur. This effect we can trigger with Kimmy’s first skill.

After they are subjected to slow, we can harm them with basic attack and skill 1. In addition to that this ICE Queen Wand item will also give you extra magic lifestyle, so Kimmy will be longer when teamfight or laning.

Holly Crystal


There is no other function of this Holly Crystal item in addition to enhancing the Kimmy magic power. By purchasing this item, the magic damage provided by Kimmy will be higher.



In late games, Raptor Machete is no longer working properly. So you should replace with other items. Here we recommend replacing it with Immortality. This Item will make you stronger. Moreover, the market will make you have the possibility to blur or counter attack.

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Advantages of Kimmy


Pros are identical to the term strength or privileges of the hero how much influence in the game in Mobile Legends.

High flexibility

The purpose of flexibility here is that Kimmya can easily attack enemies while walking. Even the theme can be directed by ourselves (manual aim). With this ability, we can still shoot despite being pursued by opponents. Even those who will be killed while chasing us.

Unique Marksman Magic

So far only Kimmy is the only marksman who has a magic attack and physical attack. If we combine the magic and attack items, of course, it will make the enemy tanks confused. This will make the enemy tanks have to think a little longer when using the item.

Powerful Hero Burst DPS

Basic attack Kimmy does have very small damage. But her attack was a lot and fast. Even more often we will issue critical damage when using Berserkes’r Fury gang. Moreover, this skill can be used when moving. It is very suitable to get the opponents that are trying to pursue us.

Remote shoot skills

Her first Skill has a far enough range, so we can use them to poke opponents from a fairly safe distance. This skill will give you a very high damage. The ultimate Skill also has a further attack, so we can use it for finishing like Lesley.

Skill Escape and Crowd Control

His skills both do have a short dash, but it is still quite useful to escape or positioning. Moreover, this skill has a slow effect that is area. So the enemy will be slightly obstructed by his movements when in this area of skill.

Disadvantages Hero Kimmy

After knowing the advantages of the hero Kimmy, the next are the disadvantages of this hero.

Low mobility

It’s true that she has 2 skills as an escape skill, but that’s not enough to make them roaming quickly. We can also use attack speed items which will be converted into movement speed. But it is less effective considering she needs damaged items in order to be maximized.

Easily missed attacks

Almost all of Kimmy’s skills are area, so we won’t be on the opponent perfectly like marksman in general. To be about the target, we must point the right analog. With this weakness, we will struggle to shoot agile heroes like Fanny, Ling, and Gusion.

Short Attack Range

If we compare with other marksmen like Lesley, Bruno, and Granger, Kimmy has a very short range attack. But it’s not a big deal because she can shot while moving. The real problem is how we can get about the target.

Pretty hard to Master

Based on personal experience, Kimmy is a pretty hard-to-master marksman. We need a pretty extra practice especially so that the basic attack can be about the target. Especially if we hit CC or interrupt the opposing team, we have to navigate again. The most difficult when it is against agile heroes like Ling or Fanny, we will have a hard time with them.


In conclusion, despite the advantages and disadvantages of the hero Kimmy that we have mentioned in detail. But whatever the condition, that guarantees can or does not use this hero and determine win or lose. The pilot that determines the success of playing games, coupled with the solidarity Team became the main thing until now still a decisive victory at the Games Mobile Legends.

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