Bruno Best Item Build (2023 Edition)

Bruno is a pretty agile marksman in Mobile Legends. Bruno has a long enough blink skill which is not owned by most of the other marksman like Irithel and Lesley.

This Bruno does look like a mediocre marksman. But if you already know the pros and the skills he has, Bruno is a very scary marksman in team fights.


Bruno has a passive skill that makes it can give high damage. This Hero relies heavily on the basic attack, so he can give damage that in the late game. Even today Bruno deserves to be paired with the Granger which is the best marksman.

Well, In this article, we will show you little different build items for Bruno hero in Mobile Legends. Without further ado, let’s read.

The Best Item Build for Bruno

Buil item suitable for Bruno that is more relying on attack speed and critical. The critical Build item will make it more passive Bruno. What are the hell items that are suitable for Bruno? From On the curious! Here’s the best Build Item for Hero Bruno.

Raptor Machete


The first Item you should use is the Raptor Machete. This Item will make your farming faster, especially if you are a Retribution spell pake. This Item will also make Bruno can give True Damage, be it to both heroes and non-hero units. By doing so, Bruno’s damage will remain noticeably even in early.

This Item is perfect if you kill a red monster buff, then the true damage you will give will also be higher.

Warrior Boots


For shoes, you can use a Warrior. In addition to increasing the movement speed, this item will also increase the attack speed, Bruno. By having a high attack speed, then you will more often give critical damage.

Berserker’s Fury + Scarlet Phantom

Berserker Fury

Berserker’s Fury and the Scarlet Phantom are the core items for Bruno. The second combo of this item will make Bruno have a high critical chance, even reaching 70%. That way he will often issue critical damage.

Although it will only get a 80% attack speed from Scarlet Phantom, it is still enough to increase the attack speed Bruno. Moreover, Bruno is not a marksman who must maximize attack speed but is critical. The main function of this item is to increase the critical chance Bruno.

Thanks to its market, Berserker’s Fury will make Bruno able to give high critical damage. Because this item will increase the critical damage by 50%. Thus Bruno will give very high damage to the opponents.

Endless Battle

Endless battle

Many of the functions given by Endless Battle are the teams. But the most needed of these items are lifesteal and True Damage. This Item will give you 15% lifesteal, so it will make Bruno can last a long time when laning or teamfight. While true damage is very useful for facing tank heroes.

Blade of Despair (optional)


For the last slot, you can use the Blade of Despair. This Item will make Bruno physical attack increasingly higher. You can also use Malefic Roar if you want to make it easier to confront your tank heroes.

Wings of the Queen


For the last item, you can use Wings of Apocalypse Queen. This Item will make Bruno have a high lifesteal and damage reduction when his blood is dying. In addition, this item will also provide a high HP. You can also use Immortality to get high armor.

Raptor Machete is less effective to use in late games, so you should sell and replace it with both items.

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Recommendation of Emblems and Battle Spell

For a spell, you can use a custom marksman or assassin. But it’s more delicious Pake custom assassin with Bounty Hunter talent. This Talent will make you faster get the core items. Because if you kill opponents will get gold. For the arrangement of the emblematic itself, you can see in the picture below.

While for a battle spell you can use Inspire or Retribution. If you want to farm faster, better use Retribution. While the Inspire is great to use for faster push turrets. Just adjust it to the situation and condition of the gangs.

Skill Analysis of Bruno

Like most other heroes, Bruno Mobile Legends also has four skills that consist of three active skills and one passive skill.


Passive Skill: Mecha Legs

Every skill Bruno gives damage, then his critical chance will increase by 4% and can be stacked up to 5 times. That way, she will get an additional 20% of Critical Chance from the market.

The market will indeed make Bruno can give high damage, but the attack speed will not be maximized. Because he will only get an additional attack speed effect of 80%, either from the item or emblem.

His current Skill makes Bruno very strong in mid to late games. Because he can get high critical damage. This, of course, can be maximised with its ultimate skills when teamfight.

Skill 1: Volley Shot

Bruno will give strength to his ball (Mecha Leg). The ball will trigger Basic Attack Bruno can give a slow effect of 40% for 0.5 seconds. The Basic attack will also provide physical damage of 110 (+ 105% Total Physical ATK).

The ball will return to Bruno when it came to his target. Bruno or his teammates can pack an Energy Ball to reduce Cooldown from skill 2 for 1 second and Skill 1 Bruno will be active again.

Now this skill will automatically be about the target. It is different from the first that must be directed and can miss. This skill gives high damage if you hit it, so you should maximize this skill when using Bruno.

Where to use: 90/100/110/120/130/140

Base Damage: 110/140/170/200/230/260

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Skill 2: Flying Tackle

Bruno will carry out the Tackle Slide in the direction we specified, giving a Physical Damage of 140 (+ 40% Total Physical ATK) to the opponent and causing the stun effect for 0.5 seconds.

If we use this skill when there is a bouncing ball, then our first skill can be used again.

This Skill has many functions of the gangs, either for positioning, chasing the enemy, or even blurring. Its stun effect is also very useful despite its very short duration.

  • Where to use: 60/55/50/45/40/35
  • Base Damage: 140/165/190/215/240/265

Ultimate Skill: Wave of the World Animation

Bruno will kick the ball to the hero we set, giving physical damage of 250 (+ 83% Total Physical ATK), causing a knockback effect, and reducing the physical defence target by 3 points.

After that, the ball will bounce between the opponent’s heroes up to 10 times the reflection. Each bouncing ball about the target will give a Physical Damage of 150 (+ 50% Total Physical ATK).

The Physical Defense reduction effect lasts 8 seconds and can be stacked up to 3 times. That way, this skill can reduce physical defence up to 9 points.

The ultimate skill Bruno is very useful for teamfight in late games. Because this skill will give high damage and area. This skill mechanism is similar to the skill 1 Hanabi, where both skills can bounce on many targets. Excellence, the skill Ulti Bruno can reduce the armor of the opponent, so the damage he gives will be really poignant even though for the tank hero though.

  • Cooldown: 38/33/28
  • Where to use: 140/160/180
  • Base Damage: 250/350/450
  • Physical Defense reduction: 3/6/9
  • Extra Damage: 150/210/270

That’s it for Bruno the best item build and skill analysis. Thank you for visiting

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