Karrie Best Item Build (2023 Edition)


Karrie is a marksman that can ravage the tank hero in a snap. Even in recent seasons, Karrie in Mobile Legends still remains the mainstay hero for the push rank.

The main characteristic of this hero is that it can give an opponent true high damage. That way he can be very easy to kill those heroes with a high defence like tanks.

Well in this tutorial we will talk about how to play Karrie properly and correctly. We’ll also discuss the recommendation of a good item build along with its pros and disadvantages. Let us see the explanation below.

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The Best Item Build for Karrie

Build a very good item for Karrie is to maximize the true damage that is provided by the market. That way, we can use items that can also provide true damage. Here is a build of Karrie in Mobile Legends.

Swift Boot

Swift Boots

The first Item you should buy at the beginning of the game is the shoes. In this phase, you should buy Demon Shoes because you will really run out of what. Well with this item, you do not have to worry anymore where because each time the last hit creep will regeneration where.

If the match has entered the mid-to late-game phase, replace Demon Shoes with Swift Boots. Because in this phase you have no longer need a regen and you just need an attack speed to increase your attack. Therefore Swift Boots are the best choice.

Raptor Machete


Besides being able to bolt your farming faster, this item will also give your opponent additional true damage. Each stack will give you 50 true damage. Meanwhile, this item can be stack up to 15. That way, you’ll have a lot more true damage to your opponent.

Demon Hunter Sword


In addition to providing an additional 25% Attack Speed, this item will also give you additional damage of 9% of the enemy’s current HP. The rate is very suitable combined with a passive skill that can give true damage based on enemy HP.

The Golden Staff


This Item will give you an additional attack speed of 35% and is very suitable combined with Demon Hunter Sword and Karrie passive skill. Without this item, Karrie took five stacks of Lightwheel Mark to provide true damage. Well with this item, you just need 4 Lightwheel Mark to give True damage.

The Endless Battle

Endless battle

This Item serves to increase the true damage provided by Karrie. To activate true damage from this item, you have to attack your opponent with a basic attack after using the skill. Thus, the Karrie basic attack will give true damage of 85% Physical Attack.

In addition, this Endless item also serves to improve Karrie movement and lifesteal. That way, we do not have to go back to the base for the HP regen. Additional cooldown reduction is also very useful so that you can more often spam skills Karrie.

Blade of Despair


This Item serves to increase the physical attack by 170. The Physical attack will increase by 25% if it strikes a target whose blood is less than 50%. That way, this item is very suitable by Marksman including Karrie whose job as a Damage Dealer for the team.



This item must be bought if the match has entered the late-game stage. Because this item will make you like having two lives. After dying, you will live again with a little shield and HP. If possible, you can have a chance to escape or to do a counter-attack.

Recommendations of Emblems and Spells

For the emblems, Pake Custom Assassin emblem with the first tier is 3x Agility for movement speed, the second tier is 3x Invasion for physical penetration, and the third tier is the Bounty Hunter.

While to spell adjust only the situation and condition. But for now, more pro players who use Flicker that serves to blur or chase the enemy. If in enemy teams are many CC heroes, use Purify.

Recommendation build: Hylos Best Item Build

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