Hylos Best Item Build (2022 Edition)

Hylos is a pretty moment tanker in Mobile Legends because he can provide slow and stun effects to opponents. Even in this 15 season, Hylos includes a hero who is often banned by the Pro player because it is quite troublesome.


As a tanker, you don’t get stuck on a single build item. You have to adapt to the game situation and condition. Also, use items that can maximize the skills. In this case, the right item for Hylos is more maximising where the market skills can be maximized.

The best Item build for Hylos

Warrior Boots


Actually, if for shoes can adjust according to the team pick of the enemy. If in enemy teams using many physical type heroes, use Warrior Boots. Because this shoe item will give physical defence up to 45 points. That way you will be strong enough when dealing with heroes like marksman and fighter in the early game.

If you’re in enemy teams of many magic and crowd control heroes, you should use Tough Boots. Because this item will provide magical defence and will reduce the CC duration by 30%. So this item like can give a resilience effect.

Clock of Destiny

Clock of destiny

Clock of Destiny is a core item for Hylos. This Item gives huge mana. If it is totalized, this item will give you 900 mana. That way, the HP will be owned by Hylos will be very large when using this item.

But when you use this item, Hylos will be a bit mushier. Because he did not use the full item defence. If you use this item, you should be a little more alert. It’s great if on your team there are initiator tanks with full-item defence compositions.

Cursed Helmet/Athena’s Shield


At the beginning of the game, you should use the Cursed Helmet first. Because besides going to give big mana, this item also gives a pretty big magic defence. That way, this item is quite helpful to dispel the magic damage of the enemy.

In addition, Cursed Helmet items are also very effective to help your farming companion. Because this item will make you can give magic damage without having to attack. It would be great if you activate Skill 2, the bigger the damage will be.

Well, when the match is entering the late game, you should replace the Cursed Helmet with Athena’s Shield. Because in addition to giving a high magic defence, the additional shield of this item really helps to fight the team.

Dominance Ice

Dominance Ice

For defence items, ane gag Pake Dominance Ice rather than Blade Armor. It is still the extra little armour, but this item gives an additional 500 which will make Hylos’s blood thicker. In addition to this additional 10% Critical Chance Reduction and 10% Cooldown Reduction is also very helpful for Hylos.

Dominance Ice items are also very suitable combined with 2 Hylos skills. Because this item can also reduce attack speed and movement speed of opponents around us. This ability is great for fighting hero fighters or marksman who have high attack speed.



For a tank, ane flavour really obligatory makes this item. Because in addition to providing high HP and Physical defence, this item will also make you immortal. You will live again with blood and a little HP after dying. That way you have a chance to blur.

Antique Cuirgirl/Queen’s Wings


If in the late game hero type physical damage from the opponent is very dominating, you can use Antique cuirarab. Because this item provides a fairly high physical defence. Or you can also use the Queen’s Wing if you’re reminded of Damage Reduction and a thicker HP anymore.

Recommendations of Emblems and Battle Spell

For the badge, you can use the Custom Tank Emblem. The talent arrangement of each tier can be seen in the image below. Its main Talent is Attack and Defense which serves to maximize the passive Hylos. With this passive, Hylos will give big damage to the opponent.


For a spell, you can use Revitalize or Flicker. Revitalize will give HP regen very high, especially when in the skill area 3. While Flicker will help you to escape or chase the enemy.

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