Dominance Ice – The Best Item for Marksman


An Item is an important aspect that we must understand as a player of Mobile Legends. One of the items in this game is Dominance Ice.

For you guys the user tank certainly no stranger with this item. This Item is useful to fight hero marksman or fighter who have high attack speed.

Well in this article we will discuss the full function of Dominance Ice, the flagship item of hero tanks. Let’s just look at them.

Why should you buy Dominance Ice for Marksman?


Basic Status

500 Mana: the addition of this status, of course, is very useful to supply whichever is more. Let alone Hylos who need a lot of things so that the market can work effectively.

70 Physical Defense: With the addition of a high Physical defence, Dominance Ice becomes a very effective item for fighting physical damage-type heroes.

10% critical Chance Reduction: Dominance Ice also includes essential items for counter heroes with high Critical damage. Because this item also has a status critical chance reduction that serves to reduce the critical chance of the opponent.

What is Critical Chance?

Critical chance is our possibility to provide critical damage with a basic attack. Thus, critical chance reduction means reducing the likelihood of the opponent to issue critical damage.

With that status, Dominance Ice includes items that are good enough to counter items that provide high critical chance such as Scarlet Phantom, Berserker’s Fury, and Windtalker.

Passive Dominance Ice

Dominance Ice has 2 passive ones which of course can not we stack with the same item or other items. Here are two passive in question.

+10% cooldown reduction

Of course, this status is very useful so that we can more often spam skills. Especially the user tank that must be ready with their skills to protect the hero core or initiation of attacks.

Passive unique-Arctic

The unique passive of this Dominance Ice item can reduce the enemy’s movement speed by 10% and reduce the enemy’s attack speed by 30%. The enemy that is around the user of this item will be exposed to passive from Dominance Ice and this passive has no cooldown. So passive it will be active throughout the game.

With his passive possession, Dominance Ice is great for fighting heroes who have an attack speed and high critical damage. The average hero who has an attack speed and high critical damage is the marksman, e.g. Moskov, Miya, Bruno, Granger, and Claude. That way, these items are very effective for fighting the marksman heroes.

But we must be near the target so that passive of Dominance is active. What is the radius of this passive? The author does not yet know exactly how far this passive area is, but what clearly your target should really be near you.

This passive will be more effective when dealing with close combat heroes such as fighters. Because to attack us, they need to be near us. So Dominance Ice is very effective in fighting hero fighters who have high attack speed and critical damage such as Roger, Badang, and Masha.

Suitable for anyone?

Dominance Ice is suitable for use by tank heroes and support heroes. Because both role heroes need high defence so they are strong when they are on the front line. This Item is very nice and efficient to fight against hero marksman and fighter.

Some heroes will be nicer when using Dominance items, including Hylos. By purchasing this item, Hylos will have many supplies where. By having the supply which is a lot, of course, the HP owned by Hylos will be high.

Another very suitable Hero using Dominance Ice is Johnson. Because this item will make Johnson have a high supply of armor (physical defence). With so the shield that he will get will also be very thick when the market is active.

Dominance Ice items are usually placed in a second or third slot. If the team opponents many physical type heroes, you can save this item in the second slot. You can also combine this item with other defence items such as Blade Armor or Antique cuirarab so that the additional physical defence becomes very thick.


That’s the review for this time about the Dominance Ice function. If you have additional information or other tips about this item please give your opinion in the Comments field. Hopefully, this article is very helpful to you guys.

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